Hi! My name is Mary Drake


I am  a writer who lives in Western New York. I've written two very different novels, one called Where the Path Leads and the other, The Chocolate Meteor.


Where the Path Leads

Castles, knights and ladies, jousting, and tournaments have always fired my imagination. I have often wondered, How did people live back then? What was it like? So the Middle Ages was a natural setting for my first novel, Where the Path Leads. But medieval settings call out for magic, ghosts, wizards, and dragons, and my book also has these. The main character is a thirteen-year-old girls who discovers that the Middle Ages is nothing like she expected.

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The Chocolate Meteor

The Chocolate Meteor is about pets and their people. It's about a wild baby mouse named Moosie that is discovered by an animal-loving girl called Phoebe who makes him her pet. But when Moosie escapes back into the wild, he has trouble finding food and not becoming food. Then a big hunk of chocolate comes hurtling down like a meteor from the sky. The animals of the brush line all want it, and the conflict begins. At the same time, Phoebe, who threw the chocolate away, has her own struggles with food, and she and Moosie must each resolve their own food issues.

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